Hydrocarbon recovery is a labor-intensive process that is requiring increasing levels of capital investment and subject to escalating operational costs.

The fourth industrial revolution has given rise to new digital technologies, IoT, cloud computing and AI/ML and is changing the face of all industries…. the energy industry included. If the E&P industry is to remain a reliable and cost effective source of energy, we must transform our recovery operations by riding the Industry 4.0 wave that is sweeping across our industry.

Halliburton and Honeywell have teamed up the best of their technologies, people and process to fundamentally transform hydrocarbon recovery and asset performance by creating a true surface/subsurface digital twin that comprehensively integrates the entire value chain.

Maximize Your Asset Potential
Connect, integrate, model and efficiently manage your entire value chain by bringing people, process, and tools together.
Drive Operational Safety. Efficiency and Productivity.
Enhance your efficiency and productivity across the E&P lifecycle – from field development to abandonment

Ride the Industry 4.0 wave and transform your hydrocarbon recovery 

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Together, Halliburton and Honeywell can help you maximize your asset value, drive operational safety, efficiency and productivity, and help reduce the cost and business risk across the asset lifecycle. 

Ride the Industry 4.0 wave and transform your hydrocarbon recovery 

Reduce Costs and Business Risk
Leverage cutting-edge technology and deep domain expertise for safer and more cost effective operations.






Enhanced Collaboration Across the Value Chain
Make more informed and robust decision making to address unexpected disturbances, react to changes in market conditions, and maximize value creation.

Making the Most of Your Data
Leverage the DecisionSpace® 365 and Honeywell Forge platforms to integrate data across multiple and disparate data sources using a single integrated working environment.


A True Digital Twin
Integrate multiple models that accurately simulate and optimize the complete value chain to build an evergreen digital twin using automated work processes to assure its fidelity and integrity.

Real-time Performance Optimization
Advanced and proven technology,monitors, measures and collects subsurface information to provide additional insights in real time.

Safer and Connected Operations
Monitor, analyze and address issues with sensors, hardware, and equipment performance by leveraging IoT and Edge devices, and artificial intelligence for full asset connectivity and diagnostics.

Connected Personnel
Proven digital worker enablement solutions help keep remote workers and experts in your office connected to maximize productivity.  

Improved Operations Productivity
Efficient and effective shift handover and operations data capture to minimize operational disruptions and increase asset safety.

Reduce Project Execution Risk
Integrated solutions from downhole, to wellhead, to surface controls are delivered as Turnkey projects by leveraging the open and scalable Halliburton DecisionSpace® 365 and Honeywell Forge platforms. 

Reduced Operational and Budgetary Risk
Co-innovation of personalized digital E&P solutions with Halliburton and Honeywell domain experts help convert ideas and digital investments to value fast.

Increased Return on Investment
Continuous improvement processes and best practices to assure alignment to your objectives and to maximize return on investment over the entire lifecycle of the asset.

Scalable Consumption
Cloud Computing and scalable consumption models such as Software-as-a-Service help address changes in economic and operational conditions while reducing total cost of ownership.

Business Alignment Across Your Enterprise
Proven project execution methodologies help you address the people, process, and technological challenges encountered during digital transformation.

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